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Jo's Character Interpretations

For each character that I do, I use a minimum of three sources for the material.  A bibliography of the sources is provided at time of presentation (earlier on request).  I attempt to be as accurate as possible interpreting the character.  I usually allow for participant questions during the presentation and at this point answers may be "educated conjecture".   Admittedly a bit of my own personality "may blend with the facts in creating the character".

I will gladly do characters on request.  Please give two weeks notice for research and development of the requested character.

Examples of characters available:

Seasonal characters:

September     Johnny Appleseed, life of Johnny Chapman

October        Great Pumpkin, fall songs and pumpkin story

November     Pilgrim lady, Mary Allerton - tells about Mayflower voyage and first Thanksgiving.

December     Mrs. Claus

February       Valentine Fairy - songs and stories about Valentine's Day

March           Mutant Leprechaun - leprechaun tale and Irish songs

April/May     Spring Lady - flowers, songs and spring thoughts


Other characters include:


Leaf Person - Fall, explains leaf color change

Tooth Fairy - Dental hygiene

Mother Goose - Rhymes and fairy tales

Betsy Ross - American Flag and early struggles of America

Rebecca Boone - Pioneer lady, wife of Daniel Boone

Rachel Carson - Environmentalist, teaches love of nature

Noah Webster - Developed the first dictionary of the English language

Queen Isabella I - Queen of Spain, instrumental in financing the voyage of Christopher Columbus.

Dolley Madison - First Lady, wife of James Madison

Levi Strauss - Entrepreneur; with brother, developed Levi's jeans industry

George Herman Ruth - "Babe" Ruth, famous baseball player

Catherine Lee Bates - English professor who wrote poem which was later put to music entitled "America the Beautiful"

Norman Rockwell - Famous artist

John Muir - Environmentalist and founder of the Sierra Club


 Storybook Characters available (a few examples listed below)

Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Viola Swamp, Fairy Godmother, Jack and the Bean Stalk

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